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The Risks and Rewards of Botanicals.

Prof. Rick Kingston, PharmD, will look into the risks of botanical ingredients as defined by adverse event reports and Roy Upton RH, DipAyu will lay out the benefits of botanicals.

  • Rick Kingston
  • Rick Kingston
  • President, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs and Co-Founder
  • Safetycall International
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Botanical Conundrum: Challenging Yet Profitable

Fighting deadly diseases like the plague was a major challenge in the early part of the 20th century, but the 21st century has brought us challenges in the form of chronic health conditions, many of which arise from our own dietary habits, lifestyle and our surroundings. Today humans have become “OVERFED & UNDERNOURISHED”, with this our health problems have only multiplied, and with the rising cost of health care, the role of supplements has become ever so important in maintaining our health. In this presentation, we will look at the role of botanicals and herbs for use in health supplements. The broad classifications under which botanicals are available as health supplements in the global market and the regulations governing their use particularly in the United States. We will also look into challenges, which the industry is facing, such as sustainability and quality management systems, and various techniques used in identification of botanicals. Join us for this presentation to look at the potentials of botanicals from a 21st century perspective.


Saw Palmetto Extract: Dealing With Emerging Adulteration In the Global Market

Dr. John Minatelli, SVP of Business Development at Valensa International, will address the emerging concerns regarding adulterated and fake product introduction into the US market as well as Valensa’s successful effort to develop advanced analytical techniques designed to detect such products as well as Valensa’s interaction  with the USP to enhance the USP’s compendial specification for saw palmetto extracts to prevent these practices from continuing in the future.


Current Issues in the Botanicals Marketplace.

Mark Blumenthal, founder of the American Botanical Council, Steven Dentali PhD, consultant and former chief science officer of the American Herbal Products Association, and Mark Brush, consultant and former editor of Nutrition Business Journal will look at issues such as the pace of adulteration, the state of consumer awareness, hot new areas of research and what ingredients are trending in the marketplace.